Dengue Awareness Campaign 23 Oct 2011

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Dear Residents,

We have been organizing this event since August 2011 and have succeeded in obtaining a considerably good mousticide for stopping the breed of Aedes and it is non-toxic. There will also activities and games for children. Breakfast is provided.

The event featured a dengue awareness talk, games and quizzes, an exhibition contributed by the local health department, and gotong royong session to clean up mosquito’s breeding grounds.

RA received fullest support from MPSJ Dept. of Health, Yayasan Tunku Naquiyudin (YTN), and Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Petaling (PKD).

The support and concern of MP Puchong YB Gobind Singh, ADUN Serdang Dato’ Satim, P8 Chairman Dato’ Samson, MPSJ Councillor Mr. Tan Jo Hann have made our event more successful.

MP Puchong YB Gobind who officiated at the event expressed his concern and support for the community’s effort to prevent dengue epidemic. He has also highlighted that the importance of Awareness, danger of Dengue, and the fatality rate that is considerably high in Selangor.

Whereas Dato’ Satim emphasized that the larva breed in clear water and is not visible to our eye, which is another danger to it.

However, the Director of Entogenex Dr. Alan Brandt and Dr. Neil Ranaweera, Member of TYN Board of Trustees, said they literally work towards the slogan REAP i.e.:
  • R for Reduction of mosquito population at their source (breeding grounds)
  • E for Education for behavioural change
  • A for Awareness through community engagement
  • P for Prevention of mosquito bites
Nonetheless the attendance of P12, P10 and P6 Chairman was another strong contribution too.

The event could not be merrier without PKD’s Dengue Truck that has enhanced the ambiance with their musical tools and Deejay.

Che’ Chi Environmental Centre participated in educating our residents the "green" knowledge by creating craftworks with the waste papers.

Children have their fun with games and their participation in the quiz contest organized by PKD and Entogenex.

RA has to thank YB Gobind Singh, Dato’ Hj Mohd. Satim bin Diman, Dato’ Samson, other RAs chairman, residents for rendering their usual supports to us.

Last but not least, I have to once again to thank all my Committee Members for their dedication and hard work in this project.

Alice Choo