Use Gabapentin to run harder, Challenge

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Gabapentin is a drug used for neuropathic pain and seizures.  I have found however, that large doses can nearly double my endurance capacity and strength.

So, I wonder if this could also happen for a professional athlete.  Building up to as much as 2400mgs per day, Gabapentin may act as a calcium channel blocker, interrupting muscle contraction and using instead the tensile strength of the tissues.  A muscle that is not contracting as hard can cover a vast distance quickly and does not get fatigued as easiily.  The muscle may go into a 'resilience' state due to gabapentin.

If it doubles my endurance and strength, it is possible it might do the same for professional athletes.  This would be a discovery bigger than steroids.  Athletes know when the body is bluffing, that the initial pain is bs, then there are several plateaus.  If you keep running and not eating and your body get's serious, you induce a resilience state.  If you could maintian that, you'd probably live to be 500 years old, but just one fried okra will break it.  The resilience state comes right before starvation, go figure.  Life and death, always side by side.  Gabapentin seems to have some ability to induce this resilience state.  It cannot overpower a number 2 from McDonalds's, no, but it will give you strength and stamina on an empty stomach.  It may even give a quick respite from SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.

My interest presently, is to explore if professsional athletes can use high dose gabapentin to dramatically increase endurance.  Tell me what you have found about gabapentin, GABA influencers and endurance performance.

Thanks for reading.
Daryl Seldon, MS, the Technosavage