Ebola Has Arrived In America: Should We Be Scared?

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Yes, I read the reports this morning that the long awaited Ebola virus has indeed arrived on America's shores..  There has indeed been a "Patient 0" as speculated that has been confirmed at a hospital in Texas... For the first part of my report, I want to present the link to an important article from Investment Watch blog, from yesterday, at www.investmentwatchblog.com where the Center For Disease Control in America had a press conference yesterday that confirmed that a patient in Texas was confirmed in having the (newly manufactured) Ebola strain... Here is that link:


Ever since this first confirmation, the Internet alternative websites have been going crazy with reports flooding in about Ebola now in America... But many have gone to some serious fear mongering, such as this one from the Omega Shock website, at www.omegashock.com.  I have that link right here to that Omega Shock article:


And then we have a follow up article from Investment Watch blog from today, that states it clearly that there is a lot of fearmongering going around, including the claim that upwards of "700,000" people could die from an Ebola outbreak within the next 90 days.... I have that article link right here:


OK, and now for my own assessment... I suspect that what we are witnessing here, readers, is indeed fearmongering... I suspect that this may indeed be a massive sham to get people to suddenly cower in fear and to rush out at the first opportunity to roll up their sleeves and subject their bodies to the newest and very deadly Pharmaceutical "vaccines" that will shortly appear to "fight" this Ebola outbreak... But lets get the word out everyone that ...


I have long stated that this newest Ebola virus "strain" is indeed a manufactured bio-weapon.... There have been countless reports out already about the so called "Research" facility in Sierra Leone that has been funded by the criminal Gates and Soros Foundations, where this newest strain of Ebola was indeed manufactured and weaponized for the sole purpose of population control... There have been so many inconsistencies with this newest "strain" including the reports that this form of Ebola can indeed be transmitted through Aerosol form.... Previous strains of Ebola absolutely never could be transmitted via air, and if this strain is indeed capable of aerosol transmission, then we are indeed looking at a weaponized form of this virus...

Lets get all the information first and not rush out in panic to look for a vaccine... As Jim Stone (www.jimstonefreelance.com) has stated, as well as myself and others... Proper preventative measures can be taken to strengthen your bodies from ever catching this "Ebola" virus.... Proper daily supplements of Vitamin C, for example, has long been proven to combat viruses that attack lung tissue such as Ebola, and I do recommend that people keep a plentiful stock of Vitamin C tablets on hand if and when this "Ebola" virus comes to your neighborhood... Prevention is definitely the key and not taking their so called "vaccines"....

I will be watching as more reports come out about this possible "outbreak" of Ebola in America.... There will be plenty of fearmongering going on, and the criminals, especially those in our Pharmaceutical industry, would dearly love a panic so that they can inject vaccines into gullible citizens.... Lets get the facts first before we panic...

More to come