Source:  PROXY SERVER : ARE THEY LEGAL TO BE USED IN INDIA?    Tag:  triple eee symptoms
1.   Few days back I was surfing  few sites via proxy server at HIDEMYASS. Just like a that,a thought came to mind that if the Indian Government on one hand is trying all ways out to monitor nefarious activities on net...and in the name of this monitoring they are monitoring u and me as well....what would they be able to do for those actual ones who use proxy servers?.....

2.   Though it is understood that not all proxy server sites are as safe as they claim...most of them have actually a life of not more then 4-5 days...they actually are born to steal and vanish...we call that 9 2 11....But sites like those have been existing for more than 4-5 years like hidemyass, etc are actually doing the work they are supposed to do ie PRIVACY!!!

3.   If any of the readers have some idea or can guide to some link w.r.t legality issues of using proxy servers in India...i would be grateful....and lastly if anyone has some disagreements on the comment earlier that INDIAN GOVERMENT IS MONITORING YOU...just check the ANONYMITY CHECKER at