Kaci Hickox, a prospective 21st century Typhoid Mary, should be barred from nursing for life

Kaci Hickox, the reckless nurse who treated Ebola patients and who has resisted being quarantined, is a terrible person who has no respect for any human life except her own.

She should be barred from nursing or any kind of health care work for the rest of her life.

Having gotten back from an Ebola zone a week ago, the virus could still be present in her body. This is why sane people support quarantining such people for 21 days

She says because she has tested negative for Ebola there is no reason for a quarantine.  She says Ebola is difficult to transmit.

She's a liar (and a left-wing activist who works for the dangerously dysfunctional Centers for Disease Control).

Ebola is NOT difficult to transmit.

Ebola is, as I wrote a week ago, an airborne pathogen.  Sneezing or coughing can spread the virus which can travel through the air within droplets.

Dr. Steven J. Allen, is an expert on Ebola.  Allen earned his Ph.D. in biodefense from George Mason University’s College of Science in 2007.  He told me:

"We don’t how long it can last on surfaces or as droplets in the air ... You can get the disease from such a small number of viral particles that logic says you can get it from someone coughing in your vicinity."

Great Britain's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found in 2010 that the Zaire strain of Ebola can survive on samples on glass at low temperatures for up to 50 days.  All an infected person would have to do is sneeze or cough near a lunch room refrigerator to spread the pathogen. The virus can survive on dry surfaces such as tables and doorknobs for hours.  In moisture it can live even longer.

Hickox knows, or ought to know, better. She is encouraging others to defy quarantines.

Americans will die because of her stubbornness and stupidity.