Mono Blood Phlegm What's Wrong With My Throat?? =[ (Please Help! I Am In PAIN!)?

What's wrong with my throat?? =[ (Please help! I am in PAIN!)? - mono blood phlegm

(17, female, fitness, vegetarian, no fitness, healthy and health conscious)

Cough, but very little, almonds now (very) and the back of the neck marked with white mucus and swollen and bleeding / spotting new premiums.
Terrible constant pain in the throat and tongue pain. The lymph nodes the size of ping-pong. ACHE ears with the pressure of acute pain. The consumption of tea and soup to eat ice cream for pain, swallowing water, but it feels like glass shards.
Sleep. He takes antibiotics and painkillers and reduce fever. It works!

It began the 23rd June, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes and chills, temperature of 103.5. No Sleep At All. Sick in bed all day, could not sleep for more than 30min. without waking up bathed in pools of sweat.
Noticed an outbreak of acne have something in my knee.
In the ER: Control of blood tests, X-rays. No monkey, streptococcal meningitis, or anything they could find. He said it was probably a virus, released by intravenous fluid and fed, simply told to take Tylenol