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                                  Dengue fever has many forms 
  • Classic dengue fever:
    It begins abruptly with high fever, muscle aches, headache, eye pain also typically (pain is almost behind the eye) and then with "back pain". A good part of Patietnen gets one to two days and a measles-like rash that disappears after a further one to two days. As a rule, the sounds from symptoms after 5-7 days, in some cases, a biphasic course be given, where it again after first Abfieberung fever, combined with extreme muscle and joint pain and skin rash may occur.
    Thereafter, the patient recovers to carry off without residual damage.Outputs of such a deadly infection are rare.
    When blood tests is taken,in classical dengue fever, there are really no unusual findings, only the platelet.
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS)
    these forms are particularly severe at initial infection with the virus are rare, whereas only small children and very old persons cases are observed.
    DHF and DSS are rather typical second disease with a different dengue virus type: If you stand on an initial infection, the organism developed a solid immunity against the virus causing each type. These defenses are not capable of the other dengue virus types in the case of a second infection eliminated with such a different type also occurs on the contrary a fatal mistake of our immune system, "occupy" sanctions against the original type of antibody that new virus, it can not kill. The occupation but prevents our immune system immediately recognizes that there is a new virus, the virus is "masked" and can reproduce better - what can cause a severe disease with bleeding disorders and vascular damage.
    Fatal DHF and DSS are output at about 100 times more common than in classic dengue fever.
Symptoms of dengue Fever:
After an incubation period (time between infection and outbreak of disease) from 3 to 7 days when it comes to dengue fever usually sudden fever, headache, severe muscle and joint pain ("bone-crusher disease") and volatile sometimes a rash.
We distinguish among four different dengue virus serotypes.
Serious progressive forms, which can lead to bleeding (hemorrhagic dengue) and dengue shock syndrome, are particularly observed in repeated infection if the person has been infected with the 2nd time the other serotype. These severe forms occur most frequently in local children.
Early  diagnosis of dengue is required to properly control these complications, which could save the lives of  patients.
Cough is also the sign of  severe dengue fever symptom. Your doctor could recommend lung  X-Ray Pi or Bi to demonstrate expansion of the lungs. Doctor starts Intravenous therapy with  Normal Saline Drips of patients so that the water in body is balanced.

The Patient’s Health Maintenance Phase

Regular heartbeat starts and blood pressure is normal. If the patient get extra Intravenous Fluids then cough and swelling in hands and feet appears, Pulmonary Oedema or  Congestive Heart Failure (the heart and lung function reduction) is a sign.
So doctors recommend medication to control it, Throat wheezing, cough and difficulty in breathing are complicated  symptoms of dengue fever. The proportion of white blood cells has become a normal level. Dengue virus infection or  symptoms of dengue disease are divided in three stages.

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