EBOLA;MUST READ!!!: Meet Nigerian doctor stopped twarthed Patrick Sawyer's unknown plot.

As everybody wakes up daily, each with his/her own place of work or business in mind, accompanied by thoughts of the day's labour, it's perks, it's rewards and it's regrets. So does doctors too.

While they labour each day to become heroes saving the lives of the sick in the population. They also face challenges.
They cry, they get depressed and most unfortunately sometimes they also fall prey to the very disease they combat and fight everyday and when this happens our heroes in turn needs someone else to be their hero.

Meet Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevo, (a senior consultant physician and endocrinologist at the First Consultant Hospital in Lagos where the late Liberian Patrick Sawyer was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola disease. She was one of the brave doctors who diagnosed and treated the late Liberian at First Consultant Hospital Lagos. Unfortunately she got the virus from him too.)

While no one is certain what the motive was behind the Liberian immigrant Patrick Sawyer, crossing international borders and coming into Nigeria with the dreaded EBOLA virus knowing fully well that he was infected and the risk of him causing a disease epidemic on his arrival.
According to her colleagues Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevo's was one of those who prevented the now dead index patient Patrick Sawyer from leaving the hospital when he attempted to leave before getting conclusive lab results on the test that was carried out on him.
She probably saved many lives by doing this despite pressures from the Liberian Ambassador.
At the frontlines in the battle against external influences which planned to penetrate the Nigerian soil with the dreaded EBOLA disease, she stood firm and like a patriotic Nigerian and dedicated medical doctor she did not only safeguard the lives of her patients, she selflessly looked out for every Nigerian and did not flee when many would have fled. So now it is time for us to payback her selfless act and demand that she be given priority treatment against the disease.
Arise O Compatriots. Let's Prove to the World that we care about our own.

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