Street Food

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 At Myeondong.
 Some bread with japcjae inside. Ugh. Skip this please.
 Tall ice cream. This one I liked. It's not too creamy, so it's not heavy on the stomach.
 Potato tornado. It's not crispy. So-so taste.
 Street food somewhere. We just ate the rice cake with chili sauce. Acquired taste I suppose. Because the rice cake is tasteless. Tasteless and uber chewy. You need to chew and chew and chew some more. And some more.

I don't think I'll ever acquire that taste.
 Meatballs at Dong dae mun. So-so.

Takoyaki balls at Ehwa University. Okay, better than the usual takoyaki balls in Singapore.

Spicy chicken bbq at Ehwa University strip. Yum yum yum.
Warning: when they say it's spicy, they're not joking.