Bentley's Boils

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I'm already apologizing for the discusting pictures. Ok, so Bentley had this terrible rash come on all of a sudden. He's had it for about a week now. It looks terrible! It looks like big, red warts all over his legs. It's only on his lower legs and a few on his forearms. The bumps are not oozing. It doesn't seem to be bothering him luckily. They're not itching him either. We took him to the doctor and they didn't know what it was. We're going again to his pediatrition on Tuesday and calling a dermatologist tomorrow. Does anyone know what this is or had it with any of their kids?! I'm getting nervous about it. Please keep Bentley in your prayers too. I don't think it's food allergies cause it's not on his main body. And the only real new food we've given him is watermelon. I don't use chemicals on the floor nor have any in his access. He hasn't been in the grass at all because of chiggars and the gross, tough grass that is in Kansas. I don't think it has to do with detergent because it's not anywhere where his clothes are. The doctor said it's not chicken pox, chiggars, heat rash. We've bathed him with anti-bacterial soap, put hydrogen peroxide on it, hydrocordizone (sp?) cream on it, and given him Benadryl. I might give him an oatmeal bath tonight. I heard it works. We're getting desperate. It's a mystery.