Taiwan Bird Flu: Eating Chicken Is Safe – Raw Raw Raw!

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One of last year’s genuinely `bad ideas’ came from Saudi Arabia, where for a time it became a thing to post pictures of people kissing camels in order to prove that `beauty’  did not spread the MERS coronavirus. 


While there is no evidence that anyone died from this practice, it nonetheless undermined their public health’s messaging on MERS prevention, which recommends wearing masks and gloves around camels.


Today, in the midst of Taiwan’s worst avian flu outbreak (in poultry) in a decade, with more than 500 farms affected and well over 1.5 million birds culled, we have an ill advised PSA emerge from the Taipai City council meeting where several people apparently ate raw chicken in solidarity with the embattled poultry producers  to prove it’s safety.

Given the general prevalence of Campylobacter, E. coli  and Salmonella in raw poultry, exposure to bird flu may be the least of the dangers of consuming chicken tartare. 

But desperate economic times apparently call for desperate measures.  This from the China Times.


Taiwan members of the bird flu outbreak Taipei, raw chicken leg chicken farmers (photo)

16:22 on January 30, 2015 source: China News Network to the engagement (0)

 Beijing, January 30, according to Taiwan's China Times reported bird flu outbreaks spread throughout the island, people can smell chickens, chicken raising business plunge, several Taipei City councilors 29th came out to support farmers, Mr Lin Ruitu followed by eating raw chicken meat, called "to be a human Guinea pig, eat to see if any deviations from the".

It was reported that the Tipei City Council on 29th "save chicken farmers" activities, a number of city councillors to attend solidarity speaker Wu Bizhu said in Taipei, she will tell "Government" in the fight against bird flu at the same time, don't forget the chicken farmers livelihoods.

Reports said Mr llyr was eating raw chicken leg, in places someone exclaim, discourage, but Lin Ruitu insisted, before eating says "to dip soy sauce or eat."

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Forget the soy sauce, what this dish needs is a nice combination oseltamivir-penicillin-imodium dipping sauce.