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Vets testing for bird flu in North WalesTimes

Vets are testing for signs of bird flu at a farm in North Wales, the Welsh Assembly said today.

“We are investigating a notifiable disease in birds at a location in North Wales. Reports are not confirmed and tests are ongoing,” the assembly said in a statement.

A spokeswoman declined to confirm reports that the farm was on a country estate in rural Denbighshire and that vehicles were being turned away from the site.

Wales's chief veterinary officer, Dr Christianne Glossop, is expected to make a statement on the investigation at lunchtime and a spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said that it would be clear by then whether the lethal H5N1 strain had been found.

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The Defra spokeswoman added that the alarm had been raised in the last few hours. "This is an ongoing investigation," she said. "Nothing has actually been confirmed at this stage."

A spokeswoman for the Health Protectionm Agency said that possible human risks from the outbreak were being handled by the National Public Health Service for Wales, which said it was preparing to make a statement in coming hours.

Authorities have been on the lookout for bird flu since vets were forced to cull 160,000 turkeys at a Bernard Matthews plant in Suffolk in February. Although primarily an avian disease, the virus has managed to infect humans in close contact with diseased birds, raising fears that if it were to mutate to become more easily catchable, it could be become a global pandemic.

The World Health Organisation says the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has infected at least 282 people and killed around 170 of them, mostly in south-east Asia, since the end of 2003. Indonesia has suffered the most deaths, with 75 people succumbing to the disease.


A bird farm in new north wales was shut down, because of signs of bird flue.
All chicks are killed and the farmer received 600.000 pounds for this.
There is nothing official yet, and it is not shure that this is a real outbreak, bur precussion is neaded.
The official variant of the bird flu, h5n1 is deadly, and broke out all over south east asia, a year ago. Since then, the flu just vanished.


I think that these kind of handlings are very very important.
If this could be an official outbreak, than it is clever that this issue will be handled with extra care.
Ofcourse this flu is an depressing happening for the farmer, but there wouldn't be any way to put this thing aside.
When the official 5hn1 will show up again, there wouldn't be enough medicines for everyone, so it is important that the English put a lot of care into this case.