Blue Chicken Pox

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This is my little stinker! He loves to play practical jokes on me. He did this the other day when I was having one of those "no time to be silly days, cause mommy is sooo busy". I had some computer problems, a ginormous(yes it's a word) order to get out, no food in the house and its dinner time, laundry up to my eyeballs kind of a day. I had just yelled to the boys, get your shoes let's pick something up when Cody announced he didn't feel well with a big grin! So I told him I was going to take his picture for everyone to see! He wanted you all to know that these are not "real" chicken pox because they are blue. I think Nanny McPhee was the inspiration here. Those spots were quite stubborn. He used a washable marker that wasn't washable and he wondered if his teacher and the kids at school would notice. Ya think? What will he think of next.