Strep throat, mono, or what?

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Strep throat, mono, or what?I had strep throat about 2 weeks ago, I got on antibiotics and I felt fine in a couple days. Yesterday I got a terrible sore throat so I got back on antibiotics without going to the doctor. I still have a terrible sore throat, headache, and occasional chills. My right lymph node is swollen and aches. What is this? If it's mono then antibiotics won't help.

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Did you finish ALL of the antibiotics the first time around? If you did not, the strep could have been knocked down for a bit, but then came roaring back with a rebound. A:WAYS take the full course of antibiotics unless the doctor tells you to stop.

If you are on the antibiotics (the second time) for three days and do not feel better, then go back to the doctor.

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