Hand foot mouth and mouth

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Last Wednesday Corbin crawled into our bed around 3 in the morning.  As he snuggled up close to me I realized that he was exceptionally warm. When I finally was able to take his temperature it registered just over 100 degrees. Nothing major but it did seem that either Tom or I was not going to work that day. When I realized it was better for me to be gone that day than the next, I quickly volunteered for first shift. 

We kept cole with us because even though I didn't want cole to get sick I really didn't want to have to pump while I was home. 

The day was pretty nice actually. We all stayed in out pajamas all day and besides sleeping more than usual Corbin was in pretty good spirits. 

That night around ten his fever broke. Tom planned to stay home so that we could have the full 24 hours before Corbkn returned to school. Around lunch time tom sent me a picture asking me what was on Corbin's face. It looked like he had hit his chin on something and I pointed the finger back at Tom. There was nothing there when I went to work. 

But by the time I got home it was all over his arms, legs, face, and butt. Ouch!!

Long story shorter - the doctor on Friday diagnosed it as hand foot mouth disease with a bacterial infection on top of that. He sent them home with some antibiotics to take and strict instructions to keep Corbin home until Monday. 

So here's the recovering patient with his "dots" as he called them--
So far Cole has escaped this one but he has begun teething. After weeks of drooling and gnawing on everything we saw the beginnings of a tooth last night. Such a mixed feeling to see that popping out. Exciting yet potentially very painful for mama. :)

Here's that happy fella. And if you look close you can see the drool!
Fun times at the Cinquinis.