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In the land of government agencies, the convoluted acronym is king.  And at the USDAFAD PReP stands for Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan.   While currently invoked for HPAI H5, FAD PReP is designed to deal with a variety of imported animal diseases, including:

• Foot-and-Mouth Disease
• Classical Swine Fever
• Newcastle Disease
• African Swine Fever

All summer the USDA and APHIS, along with their partners, have been churning out guidance for the expected return of avian flu this fall and winter.  Everything from biosecurity advice, to carcass disposal, to the handling of reimbursements for culled flocks.

A week ago we looked at
APHIS: Preparatory Steps For Stockpiling & Using An HPAI H5 Vaccine, and in July we saw an Updated HPAI Epidemiology Report from APHIS.  Prior to that, we looked at biosecurity advice in HPAI: Battening Down The Biosecurity Hatches.


While interested parties can always access the most recent updates on the USDA/APHIS HPAI Website, I’ve listed some of the recently updated documents below:


FAD PReP Materials and References

Last Modified: Aug 21, 2015


HPAI Response & Policy Information: 2014-2015 Outbreak

Note on August 19, 2015: These materials are currently under review, update, and re-posting. Some materials may be briefly removed while new versions are posted. Thanks for your patience!

Initial Response

Critical Response Activities

Recovery and Restocking

Health & Safety Information

For More Information on HPAI & Response



You can also read two in-depth PDF files regarding recent meetings and conferences on Avian Flu in: