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Syphilis characterized by 4 stages-primary ,secondary ,latent ,tertiary!!
Primary syphilis-PRAISE
P-painless lesion
R-regional lymphadenopathy
A-cArtilagenous consistency of lesion
... I-indurated lesion
S-single lesion
E-exudation with discharging serous fluid

C-condylomata lata
A-associated lesions(opthalmic,osseous,meningeal)
M-mucocutaneous lesion,mucous patches
P-pruritic papules

Latent-+ve serology;no clinical manifestation

C-cardiovascular disorder
L-late benign sypillis(gummata)
A-asymptomatic nuerosyphilis
S-symptomatic nuerosyphillis
S-as above.
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Sabyasachi Pattanayak