Doctor's orders.....

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This morning I took Kahler and  Maylin to their yearly check ups.  It was Kahler's 3 year and Maylin's "1 year"  (technically 14 mont´╗┐hs).  They had their well-visits where we weighed them and made sure everything's working right...all that good stuff:)

And today my facebook status read:
" Random fact even one year later.....the smell of the foamy hand soap at the doc's/hospitals (since they use the same kind) STILL haunts me to this day. So weird."
And so true.  Every since Maylin was in the hospital I cannot stand that smell to this day.  I have a sensitive "memory nose" too.  I smell something familiar and it takes me back to that time. So I got to endure that lovely scent today when washing my hands to take K-bub potty at the doc's office.  =P 

Anyways, Kahler weighed a whopping 39 lbs.  That boy is my beefcake:)

Miss May weighed 18.8 lbs.  She's 10% on the normal weight charts!  Her height puts her at 58% on the height she's my tall skinny string bean!

So everything looked great with both of them, however, I had to address an issue going on with Maylin for quite a few months now.  Most of you that have seen her recently know about her "pushing" issues.  Whenever she sits on the ground or gets held she arches her back and does this pushing motion over and over.  That part has been going on for a while.  Then a few weeks ago she broke out down there in what looked like a typical diaper rash.  However it didn't subside in a couple days after treated and she was doing her pushing motion even more.  So I finally took her into the doc to be seen.  Her regular doc was out so she saw the other one in the practice.  He ruled out a UTI and thought it was more an allergic reaction.  This sort of made sense to me considering I had recently switched her to store-brand diapers instead of Huggies.  (Trying to save a buck here!)  So allergic reaction, we went ahead and treated her with steroids and anti-itch cream.  Got rid of the itching, and rash going on, but she STILL was doing her pushing motion. forward to today and I addressed the issue with her doctor that she always sees.  After I told him the ongoing occurrences, he wanted to say two things:

1. "Well, want I almost want it to be are pin-worms." 
(*sidenote:  this will be a little TMI to explain and kinda groddie....if you want to skip this reading material...go ahead;) my quick education session on pin worms is that they come out at night only.  Where do they come out?  Well basically out the tail end.  Lovely, I know.  They are caused by kids that like to play in dirt....sand boxes....mud pits....or just dirty farm kids. 

Ok so really Maylin didn't really do any of the above this summer.  However, they can be transferred as easily as her hand touching the ground and it going in her mouth.  Yuck.  So how do we know it's pin worms?

Doc told me to try a little procedure tonight.  With scotch tape.  Yep.
I am supposed to open up her diaper (it has to be night time when I do this.  Which I'm thinking... it's always dark in a diaper, so does it really matter??)  Anyways....when I open her diaper I'm supposed to take this piece of scotch tape to her rectal area.  Once it's applied I'm to remove it like a bandaid.  She's gonna looove that. =/

THEN...after you do that and calm down your baby from a bloody screaming session from ripping the tape from her behind....I need to examine the tape under a light and check for lint-like particles on the tape.  THOSE, my friends, are supposed to be pin worms. 

Ok, so that's scenario #1.  Honestly I'm hoping for scenario #1 since it can easily be treated and rid of.  Hoping that the scooting/pushing discomfort will go away.

Scenario #2
Doc says, "Well, we have to keep in the back of our heads that since she has an older brother with Autism that this could be a characteristic/habit linked to that."

Um.....ok.  After the hit-with-a-ton-of-bricks feeling, I understood what he was talking about.
Apparently kids with siblings with Autism, also have an increased chance of having it too.  Not a lovely statistic either, but it's something all families face when they have another child, once having one already with the disorder.  What Maylin has going for her is that she's a girl, and luckily it's less-likely to occur in that's a plus. 

However, if it's a habit she's showing us already, I'm praying for pin worms.  Probably the strangest thing I've ever prayed for in my life.  Definitely an abrupt change of mood in this post....but with a realization from having 1 child, to 2 children with Autism, would be a never-ending nightmare.  

So please....pray for pinworms or something else besides the latter!