Christmas with Chicken Pox

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Our Christmas was such a disappointment bcos of chicken pox. -_______-"

Bcos I can go to only very limited places (e.g. to the park downstairs), Lil Shauna spent most of her time watching TV.
When there's really nothing much to do, I even took out her old bathtub to let her play. She now showers standing up and no longer uses the bathtub but she still love her bathtub and can soak until her skin crumbled, entertaining herself by pouring water from container to container.
On Christmas morning, I suggested for Daddy Lim to bring us to West Coast Park for Mac breakfast and some running around in the park. We ended up having breakfast at Fong Seng Nasi Lemak. Daddy Lim wanted very much to eat there but ended up feeling disappointed. The side dishes were cold. We then made our way to WCP and Lil Shauna gets to dig some sand, climb and run around a little.
After WCP, we went grocery shopping and handed Lil Shauna to my mum at Centris. I bet Lil Shauna missed playing with the jiejies bcos she was very cooperative and wave "bye bye" without fussing when we left. I had asked to let her stay with my mum and hope that they could bring Lil Shauna out. It is bad to spend Christmas at home. Lil Shauna deserves more fun on Christmas Day!

We went home and Daddy Lim took his afternoon nap in preparation for work at night while I watch the Korean drama. I watched 9 episodes in one breathe. Nobody was around and I didnt speak to anyone for at least 5 hours. I felt as if I was back to the time before Lil Shauna comes along and realised that I missed those days where I just stayed at home during weekends and just whacked DVD after DVD. Ahhhh... Lil Shauna came home after a day out and was happie.

There was not much Christmasy mood this time. There was no Christmas party but we did receive some Christmas gifts, mainly for Lil Shauna. She is one lucky girl. At least 80% of the gifts are for her lor.
As for me, Daddy Lim bought me my Christmas gift on Sunday. Hohoho.

We went shopping at Orchard. I had wanted a Coach bag and asked Daddy Lim on his budget. My jaw dropped when he told me $3k! I was tempted to buy a LV bag instead but cannot make myself do it. $3k can do alot of things leh. So we ended up with this at $566.10.
Pappy, the remaining of the $3k can credit? Hohohoho, I am one happie mummy. I couldnt stop smiling after we got the bag.

Mummy Lim