Pictures Of Mouth Cancer Do I Have Pre-Mouth Cancer?

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Do I have Pre-Mouth Cancer? - pictures of mouth cancer

I am a man 20 years old and immersion time were cut and approximately 5 years. I would say an average of R / 3 to 4 times per day. I was wondering if anyone knew what precursors (oral leukoplakia) in its infancy only. When I shower, I try to move but always rather an end of the lower lip and left last week I had a lot of study, which made me wetter than normal. In this place where my immersion in the general tendency for the most part, I have become a kind of white spot. He began the most important, but now we have reached after a few days is, and I hope that it will eventually disappear for good. I looked online and see pictures of other people with cancer and their on-white spots are more serious than I am. I know the simple answer is to simply stop, and I have to quit before and not much problem, but I like diving. Has anyone had this happen to them should and when it finally disappear?