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I felt like posting a picture of a gnarly spider.

I don't like or hate spiders. They usually don't bother me but I will kill one if it affects human activity.

Actually I couldn't find the tarantula native to my home county, the Texas brown tarantula, in a picture I liked. I like this one of a Mexican red-knee tarantula. Don't ask me to go looking for one. I was told as a kid, leave it alone, and I remain loath to go looking or hold one.

Did you know there is a nebula called the Tarantula Nebula? It is not in our galaxy, but in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy. Supernova 1987A happened in that nebula. I will post a picture of it if there is any demand.

The Magellanic Clouds are not visible from the Northern Hemisphere, You probably have to go to South Africa or South America or Australia to see them. I'd love to.

I know many people who freak out about spiders. Why? Only a handful are dangerous.

Of course, I have a phobia of scorpions. That doesn't make sense since Scorpio is my sign, and Scorpius is my favorite constellation. I was stung on the left ankle when I was a child. I must have been 4 or 5, yet I can clearly remember it, I had been brushing my teeth.

I wonder if that incident led to my bad habit of not brushing my teeth. With my sugar heavy diet, that's not a good thing. I do it more now. I do need to visit the dentist sooner or later. That does not scare me. I've had a fiber optic camera run up my urinary system. There can't be a worse thing than that.