Chaos In Sierra Leone: Ebola Burial Crew Dumps Bodies Over Pay Dispute

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The word is out that, the workers who were employed by Sierra Leone's Ministry of Health to bury those who died from the Ebola virus, abandoned the lifeless bodies of 15 Ebola victims on the streets; the reason for this is: that there was some type of dispute pertaining to their salaries; seven weeks had passed without them receiving their hazard pay of $100.

All those who were employed to bury the bodies of those who died from the Ebola virus are aware of the fact that, their type of work is very dangerous; since the virus itself is spread through contact with bodily fluids.

Sidhi Yahyah Tunis, a spokesperson for The National Ebola Response Centre, stated that they plan on firing all of those people that participated in the strike.

Reliable sources have claimed that the bodies were removed from the streets yesterday (Tuesday 25th, November) by burial teams that worked for the Red Cross.

Those who have been following this incident worldwide, know fully well that the three West African countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia are the heart of the outbreak of the Ebola virus.