Florida Reports 5th Locally Acquired Dengue Case

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Compared to last year, when more than 60 cases of locally acquired dengue fever were reported in Florida, 2011 has been pretty quiet.  As of October 8th, only 4 cases had been reported this year; 2 in Miami-Dade county, 1 in Martin County, and 1 in Hillsborough county.


Key West, which saw the most cases in 2010, remarkably has yet to report a case this year.


While there may be many factors at work in this reduction in cases, an aggressive mosquito awareness campaign has no doubt played a role.




Yesterday, a 5th case of Dengue was reported in Palm Beach County, which prompted the following advisory from the local health department.



OCTOBER 13th, 2011

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PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL—A mosquito borne disease advisory was issued today by the Palm Beach County Health Department following confirmation of a locally acquired case of Dengue Fever.

“We have been closely monitoring the county for the possibility of Dengue being reintroduced in our area since we have seen it in counties north and south of us,” said Health Director Alina Alonso, MD. “With today’s confirmation I am issuing a Mosquito Borne Illness Advisory.”

In 2009 locally acquired cases of Dengue were diagnosed in Key West and since then, others have been found in South Florida. This is the first locally acquired case in Palm Beach County although eight others have been reported this year and acquired out of the country.

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As of the latest Florida Arbovirus Surveillance Report, 20 cases of West Nile Virus have been reported this year as well.  Unlike last year which saw 4 EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) fatalities, no human cases have been reported in 2011.


While the risk of contracting Dengue (or West Nile, EEE, or any other mosquito borne illness) in Florida is quite small, it isn’t zero.


Although Florida is justifiably famous for its indigenous mosquito population, it isn’t the only state where mosquito borne illnesses may be contracted.


As you can see by the CDC map below, West Nile Virus activity has been reported in nearly every state this year (see Borne In The USA).





The Florida Department of Health would like to remind you to practice the 5 D’s of mosquito safety.


5 Ds



Any container of water . . .  even as small as a bottle cap . . . can breed mosquitoes.  Containers with houseplants appear to be particularly good homes for these pests.


For more details visit the Florida DOH Mosquito-borne Disease Prevention webpage.