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Ok, so night before last, on the ceiling above Indy and I was the most hideous big evil spider ever. Of course, being the big tough mommie that i am i yelled for Dear Husband! "Hunnie," I shout "have you seen the fly swatter?" Now the fly swatter is off limits to me, seeing how Dear Husband likes to be the great white hunter in the family. So, he comes staggering out of the bedroom (yes i woke him up) "where's the beastie" he mumbles. I point to the huge hairy monster on the ceiling, and he pales. He really really really DOES NOT like spiders. Anyway, he swats this thing like he is Obi Wan, or Quan Jin, or whoever and the spider drops (dead presumably) behind my desk. He twirls his little plastic weapon and smiles as he stumbles back to bed. About ten minutes later, out from behind the desk crawls the BIG BAD spider. I didn't have the heart to tell him, so i just stepped on it. Sometimes, i can be a good wife.