How to Treat Heat Rash for Your Baby

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Heat rash or prickly heat is a condition in which the skin feels uncomfortable and is covered by red spots. It is usually happened to a baby. It can be spread into larger area if you don’t give the fastest and best treatment to your baby. So, How to treat a heat rash? Before you know the treatment, it is better for you to know the cause. Heat rash is caused by a very hot weather or the condition when your baby gets too warm cloth or atmosphere. That’s why the best treatment for heat rash is dealing with clothing.
Take off your baby’s cloth to make her or him cool and convenient. You may choose a cool place or a shady area under the tree. Avoid using any lotion products because they can give irritation; remember in this situation your baby’s skin is so sensitive. After that all, don’t use towels if you want to let you baby’s skin dry. Let the air slowly and gently dries him or her. After knowing all these treatments, you need to do prevention treatment by using light and comfort cloth for your baby. That is how to treat heat rash for your baby.