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-caused by bacterium that is shaped like a spiral or syphilis2.gif
-transmitted through sexual intercourse
-can be passed on to babies during pregnancy
-can be treated with antibiotics like penicillin

Sign and symptoms
Appears in 3 stages

Stage 1
-A few days after infection, a painless sore appears on the penis of the male. In the female, it appears on the vagina or cervix
-However, it can appear elsewhere on the body of an infected person
-Signs may disappear without treatment but does not mean that the disease is cured
-It has progressed to the next stage

Stage 2
-A few months later, non-itchy skin rashes appear
-Sore appear on the reproductive organs, mouth and throat
-Again, the signs may disappear without treatment

Stage 3
-This stage is highly dangerous
-The patient may become blind: parts of the body may become paralyzed
-Heart failure, insanity or even death may occur
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