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Understanding the Assignment

Imagine that I'm in Mr. Sydow's English 102 class and that I have to do the research and prepare the same papers and presentations as his students do.

I start with the preparation phase. In this phase I have to get ready to for research and writing.

Step 1: Understanding the  English 102 Requirements

I look at the class syllabus and any class handouts to see what I have to do and figure out how to get it all done well and on time.

Weeks 1-4: Essay #1
Weeks 5-8: Essay #2 & Annotated Bibliography
Weeks11-14: Essay #3 & Presentation

  1. Essay #1 = Proposed topic paper = my thoughts on  an issue/controversy related to my major/occupation
  2. Essay #2 = Exploratory paper = sourced with at least three different views on the topic
  3. Annotated Bibliography = at least 7 sources with annotations about the content, quality, and  usefulness of each source; must include books and articles as well as Web pages; cannot include Wikipedia
  4. Essay #3 = Final paper = argument/persuasive paper
  5. Presentation = I have to present my paper/findings to the class
Now that I have some idea of what is required and when it is due, it's time for me to pick a topic.

Video links
Google Apps: Logging In & Logging Out
Google Apps: Research Log

Research Log Example

Class Assignment Description
Your Name:
Linda Celet Bane
Tom Sydow
English 102
Day & Time:
Argumentative Essay/Research Paper
Have to identify a problem related to my major and find a solution for it.
7 pages
No wikipedia, limited # of web pages
Multiple sources, multiple types of sources (7)
Due Date:
19 April 2015 (Final Paper)
See Google Calendar for other due dates.
Citation Style:
Project Format:
3 Sourced Papers, Annotated Bibliography, Class Presentation