Oral Thrush/ White Tongue

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If you have a white sheet on your tongue (like in the pic above), it could be from many different causes.  Most health professionals first suggest to drink more water and continue to do so for a week or two to see if there is a difference, as it could be dehydration.  One of the most common causes of this, however, can be a candida infection.  If your white tongue is accompanied by a rash, fatigue, digestive problems or brain fog, it would be best to make a beeline for your health provider to see if you have candida overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome.

I did have a white sheet on my tongue.  After brushing my teeth, I would brush it off of my tongue and it would come back by nightfall before I'd brush it off again.  All this time, I had no idea that it had anything to do with candida.  As I progressed in my GAPS diet, the white has receded significantly.  The only time I have a little white now is if I haven't been drinking enough water.

So don't panic when you see thrush or a white tongue, maybe your just thirsty.  But if it looks as bad as the picture above (which was the least repulsive picture that I could find of oral thrush), or if that sheet is a charcoal grayish color, go see your health provider.  It's best to be guided by a professional on what to do.  If pharmaceuticals aren't for you and that's what is prescribed, remember that you have EVERY right to seek a second opinion.  I would advice a naturopathic doctor the second time around, he/she is likely to treat you without drugs.  Check on my Wellness Avenues page; look for Health Centers/Clinics; then Naturopathic Practitioners and that will link you to a directory that may help you find naturopathic practitioners in your area.