Male Genital Herpes

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Large number of people all over the globe faces the problem of male genital herpes which is caused by the HSV virus. Since it is a sexually transmitted disease, it cannot be spread by any other means then intercourse or other sexual act. Though this disease results in discomfort, pain and emotional trauma but in most of the cases it is not life threatening. In some of the extreme cases it can even lead to infection being spread to the other areas of the body.
Types of Male Genital Herpes
There are two different types of male genital herpes which include Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2. Though male genital herpes are mainly caused by HSV 2 but in some cases HSV 1 can also lead to this problem. There has been increase in the number of people having male genital herpes from HSV 1 infection in the recent years.
Symptoms of Male Genital Herpes
A person infected with male genital herpes experience symptoms like burning or itching at the place of infection before the appearance of the blisters and increased skin sensitivity. The skin which gets affected during this time becomes red and small blisters called vesicles erupt on it. The vesicles gets filled with straw colored clear fluid which ultimately breaks and give rise to shallow ulcers. These ulcers are quite painful and cause discomfort. The other symptoms of male genital herpes include muscle aches, fever, decreased appetite and malaise. In some cases sores on the genital areas also appear and they are painful if urine is passed over them during urinating. If these sores are located on penis then also it leads to pain while urination. Symptoms like back pain, headache swollen glands, discharge from penis, unrelated abdominal pressure and flu like conditions are also experienced by men.
Treatment of Male Genital Herpes
Since herpes is a non curable disease thus there is no treatment available for male genital herpes as well. Some medication can certainly help to deal with the various signs and symptoms of this problem. The treatment for herpes first of all includes a check up with your doctor who needs visual examination to determine the type of outbreak and its treatment. After diagnosis the doctor will prescribe you the combination of medicines which will help you to get relief from various symptoms and will reduce the number of outbreaks. With fewer outbreaks there will be less chance of disease being passed to someone else. A person suffering from male genital herpes should not engage in any type of sexual activity including oral, anal or vaginal sex as the contact of outbreak will cause the disease to spread.
The problem of male genital herpes should always be talked with your sexual partner so that you can protect them from this disease. Natural treatments like H-Away are also an effective way to eliminate the outbreak of herpes. Thus, with an effective treatment you can limit the damage which is caused to your daily life due to this disease.

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