Chicken Pox . Pox Chicken

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Hello ! It's been a long time that my blog was left aside. Seriously, I'm not in mood to update this babybloggie. Why? I just dont know about that. So, what's the matter now?

FYI, it's about a week I dont attend to school. Lazy is not the word, so please stop judging me like that! Sorry for the over-acting. As you can read the title and that's the reason why I was absent. It's quite cool having chicken pox bcoz I can get free MC. But after a while, I get bored and I'm kinda 'home alone' girl.

For a moment, I actually dont realize that I'm having chicken pox. I thought they are cute 'spots' on my body but unfortunately, that things are the signs that I am infected with this chicken's disease. It's quite bad at the beginning but now that pain start to move away and leaving 'beautiful' scars on my body, at the back,on my face and also at the hands and legs.

My friends are missing me. I know they love me very much, so am I. Hurgh! Waiting for the moment I'll come back to school. Lalalal...