Source:  THE MUSCLE.    Tag:  define latent period

1.  Define muscle?
2.  How many types of muscles are there in human body?
3.  Discuss in short mictoscopic structure of voluntary muscle cell.
4.  What is the contractile machinery in a muscle composed of ?
5.  what happens during active muscle contraction?
6.  Discuss the structure of myofibril under electron microscope.
7.  What is the main function of myosin?
8.  What is the natural stimulus?
9.  Define minimal stimulus
10.             Define maximal stimulus
11.             What is rhemobase?
12.             What is chronaxie?
13.             What is a motor unit?
14.             What are the types of muscle contractions?
15.             What is the  difference between isotonic and isometric muscle contraction?
16.             What is latent period?
17.             What do you understand by tetanus?
18.             What do you understand by muscle tone?
19.             Define fatigue
20.             Which is the seat of fatige in a nerve muscle preparation?
21.             What is myoneural junction?
22.             Which is the seat of fatigue in the body?
23.             Define refractory period.
24.             Of a nerve fibre, striated muscle and cardiac muscle which one has the maxium refratory period?
25.             Explain the effect of temperature on muscle contraction
26.             Define rigor mortis
27.             How is muscle contraction initiated?
28.             What mediates the neuromuscular transmission?
29.             What is the effect of ca ions and mg-ions on the release of acetyl choline from motor nerwe terminals?
30.             What do you understand by oxygen debt?
31.             How do you determine oxygen debt?
32.             Define steady state.
33.             How do you record temperature changes in the muscles?
34.             What is initial heat?
35.             What is delayed heat?
36.             Describe in brief the phenomenon of electrical changes in the muscle on stimulation
37.             Define respiratory        quotient
38.             What is second wind?
39.             What is electromyography?
40.             What causes myasthenia gravis?
41.             What is main effect of myasthenia gravis on the muscles?
42.             What is myotomia?
43.             What are the circulatory and respiratory changes in the body before initiation of muscular exercise?
44.             What is the effect of muscular exercise on blood flow?
45.             What is the effect of exercise on blood pressure and cardiac output?
46.             How is muscular fibrillation caused?
47.             What do you mean by muscle cramps?
48.             What do you understand by6 muscular fasciculation
49.             What is the source of energy in a plain muscle?
50.             What is the nature of innervation in a plain muscle?
51.             What is the nature of neuromuscular transmission in a plain muscle?