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Strep Throat: Sore Throat - Strep Throat is an inflammation of the pharynx or throat area. Laryngitis is not actually the name of the disease. He is merely a symptom of various diseases that appear. In the terminology of health, laryngitis usually called with a sore throat or pharyngitis.

As in many types of inflammation, acute inflammation of the throat can be marked-quickly and usually begin with relatively short course-or chronic.

Acute laryngitis may result in the tonsil causing swells and breathing difficulty swallowing, sometimes accompanied by cough or fever.

The Cause Of Strep Throat

Laryngitis could be attributed to various causes, could be due to viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections and allergy and irritation, among which are:

Viruses, 80% of sore throats are caused by a virus, can cause fever.

Coughs and colds. Where the cough and mucus (Snot) can make your throat teriritasi. Coxsackie Virus (hand, foot, and mouth disease).Allergy. Allergies can cause mild throat irritation that is chronic (settled).Streptococci bacteria, ascertained by the culture of the throat. These tests are generally conducted in the laboratory using the results of the wipe throat patients. Can be found in classical symptoms of germs such as streptococci while swallowing, pains great looks white spots, vomit – vomiting, festering on the gland amandelnya, accompanied by enlargement of the glands of the tonsils.Smoking.

From various causes, the cause of tersering is a viral infection. As for bacteria that most often cause inflammation of the throat is the bacterium streptococcus are about 15-30 percent of cases

The Symptoms of Strep Throat

Laryngitis because bacterial infections streptococci can be recognized the symptoms as follows:

tonsil and throat glands swell the back of the throat berwarana bright red with white spots. fever is often higher than 38 degrees celsius and is often accompanied by the chills, pain when swallowing.Streptococci pneumonia need help doctors because when the cause is the germ streptococci and did not get adequate antibiotic will grow worse then the disease and germs can attack the heart valve disease causing Fever Rhematik. Problems of laryngitis or pharyngitis usually more severe with State of the patients who are difficult to swallow, can't even eat. This condition is of course will reduce your intake of nutritious food that is needed by the body so that it will interfere with the healing process.

The throat infection caused by the influenza virus is contagious and very easy to spread. In this condition, inflammation lasts about three to ten days. Generally, the inflammation seemed heavier in the morning and will be improved over the day. Usually accompanied by a sense of lethargy, decreased appetite, fever, and cough. Sore throat is also found in other viral infections such as ulcers and measles. The body requires one week to build antibodies to destroy the virus-the virus.

Infectious mononucleosis, or commonly called Mono due to Epstein Barr virus, and takes longer to heal.These viruses affect the system the spleen causing enlargement of the tonsils and appear white patches on the surface. In addition, it also happens to swelling of the veins in the neck.

In most cases, these complaints will subside by itself. To help ease the pain, doctors usually give a drug which is a pain reliever. For example acetaminophen (paracetamol) or ibuprofen can help overcome the pain and fever. Gargle with warm salt water could also be helpful. It could also with mouthwash anaesthetics (Anesthetic throat gargle).