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I learnt about irreducible complexity in school. I just can't explain it to anyone because it is irreducibly complex.
Biology teaches evolution. So does GP. WHY IS THIS THING HAUNTING ME EVERYWHERE OMG.

What I think about Darwinism is that it explains how things evolve, but then the basic question I really want to find out is what was the first living thing which all of us larger creatures evolve from? I know protists, but where did this protists pop out from? It could not have just suddenly appeared out of nothing.

Creationism. I believe in it, but not the Christian one where God the divine creator created all of life in seven days. I prefer to think of 盘古, although 盘古's story is even more absurd than believing that God created all this. But it is what I was brought up to believe. At least I was never in touch with Christianity for the first nine years of my life. And even when I got to know Christianity, they came in all sorts of story forms like bible stories and cartoons which were like fairy tales to me: unbelievable. 

Intelligent Design. It is like the worse out of the three theories. It answers nothing, and does nothing to reconcile the earlier two theories either. Worse thing, where is its basis? Not based on empirical findings, nor based on holy texts that passed down for centuries. Just a postulated theory which is not even recognised as science. I was pretty sceptical about this right from the start, and I was totally disappointed in it after the video {A War on Science}. Even more disappointing than Richard Dawkins, whom I found to be really insensitive, although I agree to a large extent that his arguments are sound and valid.

This is the video which I found to be intelligently and humourously witty and yet really insensitive at the same time. Atheists have valid beliefs, but they should be respectful of every other religion, like how others are respectful to their non-belief as well.

There is another part to this series called {The Root of All Evil - The Virus of Faith} by Richard Dawkins as well.