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upstream transcripts - real Calderara

Calderara the storm the camp of the mountain for 4 to 3.bella game full of goals, if anke very strange and uncertain until the end because the arbitrator anke incompetent who does not whistle in favor of a Calderara.
party suffered badly Calderara whence comes up with a long ball towards the area with oven, ahead sul''attacnte, touching just enough to send out time and allowing Donda all'attacante to score 1 to 0. Calderara the balance is then with our punishment in a bomber area of \u200b\u200bthe home team Ayoub frees man in his freedom to 1.Non 2 marks the end here: MOUNT rambo pull the goalie does not and keeps the ball sliding door in the 2 to a nice action shot on goal with apt, and dismissed the porter in the ambush tailor marks the 3 to 2 that closes the first time time.seconds a bit rough, with the 'arbitrator, who continues to whistle at all against Calderara, rambo is cautioned for dissent and the home team with a nice outside shot guess the shooting on Sunday and marks the third in 3.Not end there: The referee makes up a anke rigor to the mountain that is well saved by donda.satva to find his hat-trick but while Taylor was about to pull the knee is hurt and was replaced by Giuffrè, fortunately nothing serious for our action in counterattack by Calderari Carriage daventi the doorman finally found the goal from 4 to 3 terminating the Mount partita.ovviamente test match, but the real seal well on all spazi.rambo a foul immediately, saying something to the referee for a second yellow card and do not like is espulso.ancora some emotion and the game closes with a corner for the defeats coming in the mountain where Donda taken high.