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Yes, friends, I have a diagnosis. Mono! I went to Dr. Ryan today, who is Saunders's doctor, and who was absolutely great. He listened to everything I said, asked tons of questions, and pulled up my tests from the hospital on his computer and went over them with me.

Here are the symptoms of mono...

  • constant fatigue
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • loss of appetite
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • headaches
  • sore muscles
  • larger-than-normal liver or spleen
  • skin rash
  • abdominal pain
Other than the skin rash, I have every symptom! Dr. Ryan said this was a textbook case. He did say that my lymph node is one of the biggest one he's ever seen! My prescription is- lots of rest, rest, rest. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Lay around, lay around, lay around. I will try to work, but I will have to take it very easy, sit at my desk more, and not run around all over the place with the kids.

It is disappointing to have mono because it will last through the holidays- he said I probably won't feel 100% better until the first of the year. I will be very run down and have to take lots of breaks, naps, and rest a lot during the holidays, which we all know is one of the busiest times of the year. Also, there is no cure for it- it is a virus and has to run its course, which is usually 6 weeks. There is nothing I can take to make me feel better, which stinks because my neck/ear/shoulder all around this lymph node kills me. Also, the EBV virus will be in my system forever!

The good news is that, although mono is contagious, it is a "kissing disease"- which means that it isn't that easy to catch. So, I can still visit people, go out to eat, go to holiday events- I just can't kiss people or share drinks/utensils with them. Another bit of good news is that Katie Anne won't get it because little kids don't get mono. Also, I feel very good about having a diagnosis instead of just "mystery passing out time". Dr. Ryan says I just did WAY too much on Monday and caused myself to faint from exhaustion, which caused the seizure activity.

So, be prepared for me to spend lots of time on the internet because I'll be sitting on my rear end a lot for the next few weeks!