Guns, Germs & Steel - Out of Eden

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Why do some societies flourish in material wealth while others can barely scrap a living? That is the kind of question Jared Diamond has been investigating for the past 30 years in his attempt to understand the roots of inequality. The answer, it turns out, has something to do with human ingenuity, but especially with serendipitous geographic and environmental phenomena that allow some civilizations to flourish while others merely survive or even go extinct. In other words, much of the answer boils down to location, location, location...

In this first installment of the documentary series Guns, Germs & Steel (based on Diamond's best-selling book by the same name), we are introduced to the beginning trends in inequality (starting roughly about 13,000 years ago), when some lucky societies in the abundant land of the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East left their traditional hunting and gathering lifestyles behind and instead became involved in agriculture and the domestication of animals until the land could no longer sustain them, at which point a new chapter in human history would start and domination would be possible through guns, germs and steel.

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