When Chickenpox Spots Itchy

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text tools: blablameter.

people who write should be a statement of the and not empty words and noise words. This is evidence that is not read of great ability and no one wants it. Spelling mistakes, I'm starting now not again, then this fact will not read.

Back to dispensable-essential texts of writers: Some are so taken with themselves that they do not realize what they are posting Sermon. Other tap to be as great enthusiasm, that they do not realize how much hot air they produce. We live content in the land of poets and philosophers - here everyone can write and do it often also

this view seem to be particularly large. so-called copywriters on the Internet. There, I stumble on a regular basis, advertising copywriter, PR consultant and Social Media Manager, which give the largest scrap of himself.

We all is not as much need to read and write blah, I to use the BlablaMeters .

Subtle in color, in the statement and to relatively few spelling errors - this useful tool (unfortunately a Anglicism) offers a relentless exposure of ramblings. Just a few sentences, but most 15,000 characters, copy by copy & paste (yet another anglicism) in the space provided and check the relevant text can be.

The result shows the number of characters and words used and the so-called Bullshit index, which is explained in brief.

me it would have fallen if excess words and words also would be displayed. Also it would be interesting to know which criteria are decisive, but it was drum, it's a good thing and it may therefore very much text - self-appointed or not - extensively ! Use


PS. Purely personally I find the excessive use of Anglicisms superfluous and expendable words would never call bullshit , but perhaps as many writers are missing the best German words?

PPS. This blog article shows, according BlablaMeter signs of Bullshit-German is, but with an index of 0.26 is acceptable.