Chicken Pox

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On Sunday Tyler broke out with a very mild case of the Chicken Poxs. He got the vaccine for them in the States, but it's been over 2.5 years and they don't vaccine here in Holland. Everyone still gets them and it's not a big deal. So it's going around his school and he got them. It's really hard to see them in these pictures, I did my best. He only have about 20 poxs total and they stayed fairly small and barely pussed and scabbed over. He really only itched for 2 days and then he was fine. It's been 6 days and they are all just bumps with scabs on them. He did good and was actually sort of proud to say he had the Chicken Pox. He wanted to show everyone them. I think he did better than I did. After 5 days of being stuck in the house with the kids and not going out I was ready to go crazy! Thankfully it was just a mild case. And to top it all off he got the flu on Monday night as well and was throwing up. Fun times.