Red Spots On Roof Of Mouth Sore Throat Mono?

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Turn your tax return in an important act of solidarity.

This year you have a unique opportunity to help children suffering from diseases delo development and communication: the destination 5xmille IRPEF to
All fall down 'to earth ONLUS

Ti remember that:

- The 5xmille does not replace the 8xmille (for religious denominations) and does not cost anything for the taxpayer.
- and a share of taxes to which the state gives to direct it to the non-profit organizations, such as All fall down ' the ground to support their activities.

will allow us to welcome and help more children.
We give to those who have enough disposable income, the opportunity to receive the necessary treatment.

Here's how: 1

. Signature pane non-profit organization dedicated to
2. Copy the code's tax All fall down 'for Earth