Diaper Rash

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So, before I get a bunch of suggestions for what to do for diaper rash, here are the things I am currently doing in no particular order:

1. Frequent Changes
    When I am at home, I try to change G every hour.  The longest I like to let her go during the day is 2    hours.   I have to say this is so much easier to do from a monetary standpoint when you are using cloth.  I just toss it in the pail and it gets washed.  I don't have to think about how much money I am spending tossing out a only slightly tinkled in disposable diaper every hour.  Night time is trickier because G has already gotten with the program and like to sleep from about 10:30pm to 5:30am without waking.  If I wake up in the night, I change her.  She usually sleeps through it.  So she usually only gets changed once in between then.  Maybe I need to set an alarm for myself to get up every 3 hours to change her.  The doctors office said that trying to change her frequently at night, even though she is sleeping is a good idea.

2. Airing Out at Every Change
    Every diaper change at my house takes at least 5 minutes.  I get the old diaper off, clean her up, and then we hang out in the open air singing songs and finding our noses.

3.  No Store Bought Wipes at Home
     The diaper table has a little bowl of warm water in it, fresh each morning.  A couple times a week, I put a drop of baby soap in there to keep her clean.  Sadly, at night, we are still changing in the bedroom so we use "sensitive wipes" then.  She's going to her big girl crib this week though, so that will end shortly.  When we are out, I use "sensitive" wipes as well.

4. Desitin and Neosporin
    I use Desitin at every change.  At her last night diaper before she takes her long sleep, I use Neosporin too and the first diaper I do when she wakes up.  Depending on her bum, I might uses it once during the day too (the Doctor suggested using the Neosporin once or twice a day).

5.  Cloth Diapers
     Cloth Diapers are supposed to breath better than Disposables and are therefore thought to be associated with less diaper rash.  I don't know if this is true or not, but we were doing cloth diapers anyway.  I have 3 disposables left that we use at night, and after those 3 are gone (tonight) we will be 100% cloth.

6. Naked Time!
    Most nights, she spends about 20-40 minutes without a diaper.  She usually hangs out on Daddy's lap with a towel and a couple of prefolds laying flat between them.  Nothing is wrapped around her, but we have the towels and diapers down in case she has to go while she's chillin'.  Sometimes, she spends naked time on my lap (with the same towels down to catch anything) while I nurse.    This is one area we need to be more consistent about.  Right now we don't get it done every single night even though we really should.

7. Using More Breathable Covers
     I have some of those plastic panties that you put over your pinned diapers, but I am not currently using them.  I read that they are less breathable (like the disposable) so they aren't great when you are battling a rash.  so I am using my regular snap covers.  I also have a couple of hand-me-downs that are actually supposed to be "pockets" but I have been using them as covers because they aren't tight around her legs.  I can see some of the cloth diaper aroung the leg gussets so I am assuming that she is getting a little more air.  I haven't had a leak yet (which is a danger when you have uncovered diaper exposed) but I am changing her so frequently, that I don't think it's going to be a problem.  Besides, a leak is better than a sore bum!

8.  I'm wondering about possible issues with my diet that might be giving her a rash.  Does anyone know any foods that night give nursing babies rashes?  I stopped eating nuts because I was wondering if she might have a sensitivity but I don't know if it really helped.  Her old rash cleared up, but a new one is trying to take its place that I am diligently fighting.

Okay, that's all I can think of.  Feel free to comment and I'll add it to my list.