Give pregnant women a swine flu shot

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Aww, the elites want to take care of those warm fuzzy foetuses! (the ones that didn't get aborted, that is)

ABC News - Pregnant Women especially vulnerable to Swine Flu

Forgetting the fact that even pro-vaccine medical establishment types are wary of the dangers of vaccinating very young babies (see the recommended ages beyond which kids can be injected with the bioweapons here) and how the newfound urgency to vaccinate unborn children seems to present a strange paradox, let's move on to what one respondent said to that article:

I was in college in 1976 and we were all put through a line to get the Swine flu vaccine. We were strongly recommended to get the vaccination to stay in college and as an 18 year old did as I was told. I never did hear of a person at that college getting swine flu before or after the vaccination. Now 33 years later I wonder about this one. I probably need it this time as I have respiratory problems. Will it work, be safe no side effects , be available so that people don't panic like the flu shot a few years ago. Will it become a yearly thing like the flu shot. To many questions i guess

Well, fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice, shame on you...

"You can fool some of the people all of the time" - Abraham Lincoln

If you read nothing else on the topic of vaccines, read this article ( original source ) which blows away the pro-vaccine arguments. Injection is not a natural route of entry into the body, which is a major reason why even 'clean vaccines' are harmful to the immune system. But since incidents occur such as Baxter putting live bird flu into vaccines, there's no guarantee of even that level of safety. Do you trust vaccine makers not to poison you, or at least not to check what is in their product to see if it might poison you?

The short answer is vaccine bad, no vaccine good. Your immune system needs strengthening, not weakening, so it may resist this manufactured virus and others.