How to Pray for the Ebola Crisis in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

In 1995 Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman starred in the Hollywood movie Outbreak, a big box-office success. In it an Ebola-like virus spreads from Africa to the U.S. and virologists are forced to deal with the ramifications of the deadly hemorrhagic fever.  Today we and millions of others in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia find ourselves living the drama of Ebola—without the back-of-our-minds knowledge it is just a movie and the ending will be, if not happy, at least satisfying. 

With 78 death s already in the region,  Monrovia, Liberia's capital city and our home, feels poised on the edge of her seat, awaiting who-knows-what. We read with horror the latest news—a woman with a confirmed ca se of Ebola  traveled by taxi from the interior to Monrovia. Given the deadline s s  of contact with infected persons, we can't help but wonder how many more  will now die.

Ebola, which begins with the eating of contaminated bush meat, is passed from person to person through contact with body fluids. There is no cure and about two-thirds of those infected die. We are, of course, taking necessary precautions, but because it does not spread through non-symtomatic people, we don't feel overly vulnerable. Others, however,  have already been exposed and are at great risk.

Bush meat: Image public domain
With that in mind, I submit to you the following prayer requests.

1. People would not panic, but instead be calm and cool-headed.
2. God would give health officials great wisdom as they strategize as to the best way to  contain the outbreak.
3. Medical communities would be as prepared as possible for the cases they are facing.
4. God would comfort the grief-stricken families who have lost loved ones.
5. Liberia's media would be on top of things with accurate reporting, good advice for avoidance, etc.
6. People would be obedient to authority about safety precautions.
7. In their fear people would seek God.

Thank you to each who will take the time to remember this problem in prayer. We know God, who hear s and an swer s prayer is on His throne.