Plan for «Fact of epidemic diseases» in poultry .. And the spread of disease 6 in 145 farm

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Fri, 18/05/2012 - 20:23
Ended technical equipment at the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the General Authority for Veterinary Services and Animal Health Research Institute and officials from the departments of veterinary medicine in the 16 provinces in coordination with the Federation of poultry producers, prepared a report on the epidemiological situation for 145 poultry farm, after repeated complaints from high mortality rates have, as a prelude to find out the aetiology of the health status of poultry flocks in this farm.
The Ministry of Agriculture plan to investigate the epidemic diseases in poultry farms in preparation for the launch of a plan designed to protect the sector of poultry production, which accounts for more than 20 billion pounds of direct investments, to reduce the risk of fluctuations in international markets for meat, according to the assertions of official sources in the ministry.

For his part, said Dr. Mohammed Jalal Ajjour, director of the Institute of Animal Health of the Center for Agricultural Research, the results of commissions of inquiry active yielded the results he described as «shocking», the infection of 5% of these farms with bird flu, and 55% infected with IB leads to the death of 60% of infected poultry, and 23% of Newcastle disease "Coth", and 24% infected with swelling of the head, and 42% germs Maiko plasma, indicating that the results confirmed that poultry in the areas of follow-up in several diseases.

The Ajjour to the emergence of these diseases in the poultry sector of Egypt caused a decline in the supply of poultry meat and table eggs market and high prices are remarkable, stressing the need for commitment Farms poultry safety rules is vital for the protection of poultry production from diseases that threaten the State's plans in the development of poultry in Egypt, especially as they represent a cheap animal protein on the market today, compared to the price of red meat.
And student director of the Animal Health should review doses of vaccination of poultry, and programs, and the application of scientific standards and international for safe disposal of dead poultry, according to the rules of health and environment for the prevention of epidemic diseases and reducing the spread of viruses in poultry farms, pointing to the need to limit the movement of birds between the provinces to curb the spread of diseases...