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1. Enteritis (Quail enteritis)
Cause: the bacteria that form spores anerobik and attacking the intestines,
pearadangan causing the intestines.
Symptoms: quail seemed listless, eyes closed, hair looks dull, dirt
aqueous and uric acid.
Control: improving governance, maintenance, and
memisashkan healthy quail from an infected.

2. Tetelo (NCD / New Casstle Diseae)
Symptoms: quail difficult breathing, coughing, sneezing, arising grunting,
lethargic, sleepy eyes, wings terkulasi, sometimes bloody, watery stools
any specific symptoms "tortikolis" the head is not twisted
uncertainty and paralysis.
a. environmental hygiene and contaminated equipment viruses,
animal disease vectors tetelo, chickens that died soon
burned / removed;
b. separate the sick chickens, to prevent guests in the area
farms without the clothes disinfect / sterile and
conduct NCD vaccination. Until now there has been no cure.

3. White poop (Pullorum)
Cause: The bacteria Salmonella pullorum and an infectious disease.
Symptoms: white droppings, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, bulubulu
shrunken and feeble wings hanging.
Control: same as tetelo disease control.

4. Dysentery (Coccidiosis)
Symptoms: bloody stools and diarrhea, lack of appetite, terkulasi wing,
dull feathers shivered.
a. lingkungaan personal hygiene, keep the litter remains dry;
b. with Tetra Capsule Chloine given by mouth; Noxal,
Zuco trident tablets dissolved in water or sulfaqui
moxaline, amprolium, cxaldayocox

5. Fowl pox (Fowl Pox)
Cause: poxviruses, attacking the poultry of all ages and
Symptoms: imbulnya-scab scab on the skin that is not hairy, like
gill, foot, mouth and farink that when released will issue
Control: diphtheria vaccines and isolate the cage or quail

6. Quail Bronchitis
Cause: Quail bronchitis virus (adenovirus) that is highly
Symptoms: quail looked listless, dull hair, trembling, difficult breathing, coughing
and insisted, eyes and nose sometimes mucus and
sometimes the head and neck slightly twisted.
Controlling feeding sanitation nutritious with

7. Aspergillosis
Cause: The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus.
Symptoms: Quail experiencing breathing problems, eye layer formed
resembles white cheese, drowsiness, decreased appetite.
Control: improving sanitation and the environment surrounding the cage.

8. Wormy
Cause: poor sanitation.
Symptoms: quail looked thin, listless and weak.
Control: keep cleaning cages and feeding the
maintained clean.