The "Out of Eden Walk" will be 21,000 miles long

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Here's the project:
On January 10th, 02013, Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Salopek will begin a seven year journey on foot from Ethiopia to Patagonia, following the footsteps of the first migration of humans across the planet 60,000 years ago. The journey will not be an easy one. It consists of 21,000 miles of wildly varying terrain and environments, with only what Salopek can fit in his backpack. Salopek will be writing “narrative core samples” every hundred miles to get an embedded, on-the-ground look at the issues that are defining our age.
Progress will be posted at this link (currently at mile 0 in Ethiopia).

More details and links here, in the blog of the Long Now Foundation, which "hopes to provide a counterpoint to today's accelerating culture and help make long-term thinking more common. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years" and where you can learn how geologic processes in the Cretaceous period helped determine voting patterns in the last presidential election:

Explained here.