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Syphilis is a curable STD; it is also known as the great imitator for its ability to look like STD. Syphilis is a bacterium that can be spread through a sore on the female or male body parts. An example of a body part would be the rectum, penis, and mouth. Some symptoms of Syphilis cannot occur in a person for up to a year the only sign is warts, they can still get sick if it is not treated very early. There are 3 stages of syphilis primary stage, secondary stage, and late stages. In the primary stage is a painless sore where ever you got syphilis at like the mouth, if not treated you go to the second stage. The second stage is multiple rashes on the body and can include symptoms like fever, fatigue loss, and a sore throat. If not treated you go to the last stage which is the most fatal, if you didn’t treat the other stages the syphilis will appear to be gone but is actually hidden. It will come back to you after about 10 years and can cause internal problems and even death.

            Syphilis can even affect a pregnant women and her child if it’s not treated well enough. If a woman has syphilis with her pregnant baby it can cause delivery problems. The baby can be born dead or have the symptom and not show it. It may have health problems weeks after its birth and could die. Syphilis can be cured though with antibiotics or penicillin if you treat it early, if you treat it later you need to take more than one of the medications. It is best to not have sex until you are fully cured. The number one way to prevent syphilis is abstinence, no drugs or alcohol can also be a big part of not getting the disease. The CDC states that there were over 36,000 cases of syphilis in 2006 so there is a possibility someone can have syphilis if you don’t get tested.

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