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This will be an ongoing article that will cover, well, anything from movies to tv shows to music to books – just about anything that I feel maybe you missed and should take a chance on. Some things I cover may not be easily accessible; but with the power of the Internet, I’m sure it can be found.

Luke and Brie on a First Date

Luke and Brie on a First Date is the epitome of an independent movie - shot on what looks like hand held digital cameras. The title alone is totally something you would see in a film festival lineup. Speaking of the title. . . it says it all. That’s what the movie is… Luke and Brie on a first date. But like any good movie, it’s not just the plot that makes it, it’s the journey within the plot.
The movie is simple: Luke gets set up with Brie. They meet outside a bar and from there we follow them through the night as they get to know each other. What makes this movie special is the performances by the two leads. Their chemistry is just right. They just jell. The dialogue feels real, like what two people would talk about on a date. In the beginning of the movie there is this air of awkwardness like a real blind date. The film is just enjoyable. By the end, you hope that this date leads to another.