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We the students of Pharm.D 1 st Batch was given an opportunity of rendering our service in the MASS DRUG ADMINISTRATION PROGRAMME FOR FILARIASIS conducted by the State Government of Kerala. It was really a unique experience being a part of the government introduced programme. Our works were done in two phases. An orientation programme was conducted first in the Taluk hospital of Perinthalmanna, emphasizing the workers the severity of the filiariasis and its importance of taking the medication. All the misconcepts and worries regarding the drug were cleared by the officials during this programme. The possible mild and severe side effects were discussed in the orientation programme and almost everyone were provided with the drugs there itself.
During the second phase, we were divided into a group of 4 under the guidance of the Asha social workers and conducted door to door counseling around the inmates of the Perinthalamnna.   We came across a wide range of doubts and worries regarding the drugs (Albendazole and diethyl carbamazine citrate.). Almost 70 % of the people were satisfied with our counseling and were ready to take the medication. After counseling, a set 11 students divided into 2 groups conducted survey regarding the impact of the counseling and, the number of people who took the medication were also evaluated. The non-compliant people were recounselled. Overall, it was a special experience and this programme cultivated a consensus of social responsibility and helped us in understanding the need of each individual for betterment of our health sector.

 pharmd fourth Year


World Tuberculosis day is a world wide event that aim to build public awareness about the global epedemic TB and the efforts to eliminate the disease.These events are comemmorated every year on 24th march and serves as a reminder that TB continues to be the cause of sufferings of millions world wide.
            On the same day -24th march 2014 we the 2nd batch Pharm D students of Alshifa College of Pharmacy came forward to host Anti-TB awareness campaign.The programme was inagurated by our principle Dr.Suriyaprakash sir in the campus. Later the remaining activities were organized at Angadippuram, a place near to our institution so that it could attract more crowd.
           A procession was held through the town with active participation of social workers and other government officers like Health Inspector,District health officers etc… for creating social awareness on this alarming aspect seeking social attention.We were also given an oppurtunity to put up a stall at the centre of the town.We displayed charts that showcased informations regarding the disease – causative organism,mode of spread, signs and symptoms,diagnosis,management , prevention etc….
           It is thankful to be remembering of the support of the Health Inspector who helped us to gather drug samples, vaccination kits, awareness charts and other needed help to organise the same.Our students also took immense effort to interact with the public to distribute leaflets,pamphlets and communicate to them the aspects of the disease.Some of them also took up the responsibility of casting a street play that  made the work more productive.
          By the street play and stall exhibition we were able to meet people from various fields of life, some of whom were well aware of the disease,some of whom were victims of the disease and to some of whom the knowledge was new.Many of them were happy to share their part of knowledge with us. Indeed it was a great experience in our pharmacy life to put in to practice our therapeutic and pathophysiologic knowledge.
          We realized that it was a golden oppurtunity for us to implement our professional skills and to be a part of this health care programme.Pharmacy profession – apart from being a career for earning money,it is the service and sacrifice to the suffering humanity.So we were previlaged to be conducting this one day awareness programme that help us to mould ourselves to be a responsible clinical pharmacist.

Third pharm D

3.World Glaucoma Day- March 6th 2014.

Eyes are the light of the body';
Taking to heart this beautiful line, we the students of Pharm D 3rd batch had conducted an awareness programme for glaucoma & cataract on March 6th, World Glaucoma Day. The event was held at Al Shifa Hospital & other associated events in the Primary Health Center, Poonthanam & Kizhattur Panchayat office.The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Padmanabhan Meleth, senior ophthalmologist in Al Shifa Hospital by 10:30 am in front of his office (Ophthalmology Dept). Several charts prepared by us about glaucoma & cataract were put up in the hospital. Also, a 28 min video depicting glaucoma affected individuals, the various symptoms & treatment was played in television sets throughout the hospital. We had also prepared pamphlets (in both English & Malayalam) giving information about cataract & glaucoma, its manifestations & also stressing the proper usage of eyedrops.
After the inauguration, we divided the task among ourselves & some of us stayed back in the hospital to distribute the pamphlets among the patients, while some proceeded to the Primary Health Center & also the Panchayat office. At the hospital, we positioned ourselves at the major departments as well as the entrance, & gave away pamphlets.We also had an unexpected oppurtunity to take an awareness class for Asha workers in PHCC, along with pamphlet distribution.At the Panchayat office, copies of pamphlets were handed over to the Panchayat president Srimathi K T Kadeeja, who heartily congratulated us for our effort.We were also able to make an extra move, by making house visits in a particular area in Aakaparamb & distributing pamphlets , providing awareness & providing counselling.We found out that we were able to reach a much wider audience than we had iniatially planned, which wouldnt have been possible without the incredible amount of help and support we got for this initiative, especially from Dr Padmanabhan Meleth who spared time for us in his busy schedule..
At the end of the day, we were proud to be a part of something that made a difference, however small.
Second year Pharm.D

4.Two days Hands on training on clinical skills for Pharm.D,June 12th and 13th 2014.

Pharmacy practice involves the idea of pharmacists being fully available to patient care in every aspect and clinical pharmacy is a health speciality which describes the activities and services of the clinical pharmacist. Education in its wider aspect involves the moulding of an individual into a complete being. Its always practice that makes man perfect – indeed these lines came to reality when we were given the blessed opportunity of experiencing a very vivid an informative seminar on the topic “CLINICAL SKILLS FOR PHARM.D STUDENTS” by the very eminent and resourceful speakers from Manipal University.
The seminar was held as two sessions on 12 th and 13 th of June,2014 for the 3 rd, 4 th year Pharm.D, M.Pharm and Pharm.D(PB) on behalf of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy. The first day begun with the inaugural function and introduction of the speakers. The welcome address was administered by Dilip sir, Key note address by our Principal, Dr.T.N.K. Suriyaprakash sir, Inaugral address by our Managing Director, Mr.P. Uneen sir, Felicitation by Dr. K.G. Revikumar sir and finally the vote of thanks for the first session by our Vice Principal, Mohd. Haneefa sir.

The scientific session for the first day included topics such as
-          Introduction to the basic skills for clinical practice of pharmacists
-          Skills needed for information retrieval and knowledge management in practice –
-          Basic skills for Participation in ward activities Case assessment –
-          Trigger tools for adverse events monitoring in clinical practice –
-          Finally   we were given a group activity – a case details were provided and we were asked to assess them completely

The scientific session for the second day included the following topics
-          Research areas in pharmacy practice   -
-          Medication Review module
-          Finally we were given a group activity on the topic of medication review module

The sessions both the days were very useful. We found it to be an asset to our knowledge as the classes were handled in a very effective manner that each one of us could gain a lot from it by the end of two days. We were made to realize how important are we to the medical field and how we could contribute effectively to the appropriate and rational use of medications and medicinal products. We were given ample oppurtunities to discuss the   various doubts that many of us had regarding our projects, clerkship, job oppurtunities, impact on medical development and patient counseling which were all well explained and justified. In short we were really experiencing a very different world of knowledge and teacher student interaction the two days.
Gratitude is an attitude of expression of thankfulness. We are very much grateful to the well knowledged and friendly speakers , our professors at pharmacy practice department and above all to the management of Al- Shifa College of Pharmacy for giving us such a wonderful opportunity which was infact the need of the hour………… The sessions were followed by the presenting of memento as a token of love to the speakers and by the distribution of certificates to the students and teachers for their active participation in the seminar

     5.Face book page
As you know Dept. of Pharmacy Practice already have its own place in the electronic medias through blog (clinpharmindia) and website ( Now, its my pleasure to inform that we step into the social media through facebook page. Visit and follow the page for more updates: ‘Department of Pharmacy Practice ACP’.
Jaseem Sabith K
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice, ACP


           Monsoon brings with its welcome relief from the heat and leaves behind a host of infections and illness. Some of which can be life threatening.Children are the most susceptible to these diseases.So it is necessary to keep ourselves and our family safe in this monsoon.
         With the aim of creating awareness on this front 2nd batch Pharm D student Jaseera.A.T. got an oppurtunity to conduct a seminar on issues with regards to “Monsoon related diseases and its preventions” in a programme organized by AFWA-Family Welfare Association at KMUP School, J.N Road, Perinthalmanna. More than 100 people from various aspect participated in the programme.It was conducted on June 8th prior to the oneset of monsoon and disease transmission,to enhance the awareness and encourage community participation to irradicate the disease.
         People should be aware of these facts and must protect themselves from getting sick and for that proper plan should be taken for tackling the transmission of diseases.By taking this in to consideration, a presentation about various monsoon diseases (vector borne and water borne)-causative agents,signs and symptoms and more over about their prevention were also included in this session.
        The commom diseases included were Chikunguniya, dengue fever,Japenese encephalitis,Leptospirosis,Hepatitis A, and Typhoid.These diseases are spread via mosquitos,rats,flies etc and some others via water and air.So to prevent getting infected from the above said diseases,it is necessary to adopt various stategies like:-
* Keeping premises of our residence clean-Since mosquitos are abundant during monsoon their burden should be reduced.There should be no water stagnation as it may leads to breeding of mosquitos.
* People are asked not to dump junks and garbages on roads- Mounts of trash seen in different parts of the town become breeding grounds for rats,flies,mosquitos,cockroach and other insects that can carry disease like dengue,typhoid, rat fever etc..
Apart from these, importance of drinking boiled water, washing hands before and after food and other sanitory habits, dressing up children in the right way,precautions while letting children drenching in rain and more over the importance of early diagnosis and proper treatment as well as the ill effects of self medications were also included and that was an eye opener to the public.
         Eventhough it sounds sickening but is a fact.Since these diseases affects the health as well as wealth of an individual and increases the absenteeism in schools,colleges,job centers and even leads to death, so never take them lightly.

Jaseera A.T,Third Pharm.D

7.Continuing Educational Program

Vikas PV, 2 nd year Pharm D PB, did a presentation on the topic ‘Development and Establishment of Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP)’ with an aim to provide an introduction abo ut the ASP and to know opinion and attitude of doctors of Al Shifa Hospital towards ASP. The program was conducted in the Clinical club of doctors at Mugal Park Hotel venue, Perinthalmanna on 2nd June 2014

8.Prof Prasanth S.S  giving a talk titled- Birds around us and E-Birds to Pharm.D students on world Environment day on June 6th 2014.

9.Release of   Poison Guidelines-Prof Dilip.C, Linu Mohan, Jasim sabith, Shinu.C,    with MLA Ummer

10.No tobacco day awarenesss programme,Mr P. Unneen,Managing trustee along with Doctors of Alshifa on the inaugural session.