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On our return home from our California adventure, Clover started to get a sore throat. We didn't think too much of it. After a day or two it resembled a cold or flu, where her throat started to hurt much more, and she developed a consistent cough. Any of you who know Clover knows she can be a tad stubborn at times. She refused to go to the doctor. It was on Sunday (4 days later) I was able to convince her to go to the doc the next morning if it had not improved. Boy did it NOT improve. She lost her voice completely. When she did muster out anything she sounded like a chain smoker (and more so like a man than a woman). The weirdest part was she did not really have much of a fever or other common symptoms of a flu. 

When we were in Cali we were unable to see Uncle Steve because he was home sick. We thought initially that perhaps Clover somehow contracted whatever he had. We were wrong. We had a pleasant visit with Dr. Fuller (I, Steven, have gone to him since I was a kid). He really takes the time to get to know his patients and really shows he cares. He joked with us and did a strep test, which came back negative. He decided to send her off for some blood work. It was Tuesday we got the results back and found out she has Mono! This pick is right before she had to do her strep test - which was NOT fun for her!

Clover in the Doctors office

I have always known mono (Mononucleosis) as the kissing disease. We have learned a lot more about it this past week. By adulthood, almost everyone has been exposed to mono. By age 40, 80% of adults already have it in their system. What does that mean? Look at the four people next to you and only one of you may be lucky enough not to have it...yet! It is VERY common. The bad news is there is no real "official" treatment for it. Antibiotics don't work on viral infections such as mono. The good news is that with a lot of rest, and drinking lots of liquids, (and apparently 3-6 weeks recovery time) as soon as the symptoms go away, they stay away. Mono always stays in the system and could activate again, but is less likely. And as you get older, you likely become immune to the effects of it. And thankfully, mono is not contagious! 

When Clover gets sick, I have learned that distraction is the best way to get her to eat. This time was definitely a bit trickier because she had a throat that was choosing to not be very cooperative in letting her enjoy her food. We started with Applesauce, Smoothies, and Movies! Worked pretty good!

Healthy Smoothies

Applesauce....Smoothies....and movies!

Clover had to take the week off of work to rest. She has slept the majority of it. On Thursday, we took a little "field trip" to run some errands in preparation for Europe. The few hours we were running around wiped her out! The highlight of those errands, however, was a visit with Kevron. We needed to drop off some Maleficent horns and a picture of Baymax from Big Hero 6 (drawn by Clover), both of which we acquired while at Disneyland. We spent about 20-30 minutes just chatting with him. It was fantastic! Kevron is such a great guy! We love him very much! He was dressed in his missionary attire doing missionary work when we arrived. It was kind of him to take a break to chat with us. 

Excited to see each other!

Kevron reading the note and viewing the picture of Baymax that Clover drew

Kevron as Maleficent (pretty good evil planning face if you ask us)

Clover and Kevron doing their evil laughs (mostly Kevron, and Clover laughing too hard to do hers)

We went back home and put Clover to bed. As a back note, on Wednesday I tried to get Clover some of her favorite comfort food (Chicken Noodle Soup from Porcupine Grill). They were closed for a company camping trip. They would re-open on Friday, and I was assured they would have the soup then. During winter they have the soup every day, but during the rest of the year it is only on Wednesdays. I went on Friday to get her the soup again, and I was misinformed -- no chicken noodle. So...what did I do you ask? Make my own of course! Thanks to an awesome blog called the Sisters' Cafe, they had a similar version. It was about the only thing Clover would/could eat! It was so good we put the recipe on our food blog:

Creamy Chicken Noodle Prep

Creamy Chicken Noodle Finished Product

After the soup was finished, good ol' Mr. Tiddlywinks helped me take care of Clover and feed her in bed!

Serving Clover in the Mickey Mouse Apron she got me at Disneyland 

(she has a matching Minnie Apron...yeah we are fun that way!)

Mr. Tiddlywinks is a good caretaker...

...and puts a big smile on Clover's face!

Her throat stopped hurting as bad as it was before, but the cough stepped it up a few notches.  I learned that Clover has been traumatized by cough syrup. She asked me to go to the store and get her some Dayquil/Nyquil. TIP: Pay attention to the specific details asked of you. I got the syrup and was later informed (and repented) it was supposed to be pills. I made another run to the store later, and made sure to have every possible option to help her feel better! Dr. Fuller also called her in a Rx for something to help. He also recommended popsicles which is a prescription I would take any day!

Jaxon kept me company on the way to the store...he loves to stick his head out the window while we are driving

Stock of meds to help Clover feel better (minus the Rx from Dr. Fuller)

Chosen popsicles

We were worried we would not be able to make our trip...but Clover is a fighter! We are heading there this coming week! First stop is Boston for a couple days, then on the Western Europe! She has been sleeping a lot and loses energy quick. I can we make this easier for her so it is enjoyable and not as exhausting...? Well, here is a teaser of what we did, and what is to come!

Our journey to Europe begins...