Foundry Scabies Street Punks

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I thought I'd take a look at some more figures who you'd class as Gangers. This bunch of five reprobates are from Wargame Foundry's 28mm scale Street Violence range and are listed as SV013 Scabies Punks.
In most of the Street Violence packs there will usually be one figure much bigger than the others - the brick of the group. This pack is no different and at the far left of my photos is Mongo Smash, who is all muscle and brawn. He is armed with a pair of Desert Eagle pistols, probably in .50 calibre going off the size of them. These are definitely Big Ass Pistols! I'm not sure if you can tell from my photos but he has a small length of chain running from his right ear to his right nostril. It's a nice touch for a punk. He has plenty of spare ammo clips in pouches on his shoulder harness. This guy would not look out of place in a Goliath's gang for Games Workshop's Necromunda sci-fi skirmish game.
The kilt-wearing punk standing next to him is called Rab. I gave him the surname MacDonald because it's a nice Scottish sounding name. He is primarily armed with a sniper's rifle with scopesight. He has a length of heavy chain slung over one shoulder and from it hangs two differnt types of hand grenade and a small teddy bear! Painting the tartan pattern on his kilt was a real pain in the ass but I'm happy with the results even if it isn't an authentic Scottish tartan (which it most probably isn't!).
In the centre of the group is Dougie Judd, whom I have designated as leader of this group. He is armed with the most powerful weapon of the group - a belt-fed Squad Automatic Weapon. He wears a T-shirt with the legend "SCABIES," the name of his gang. His bright green boots look like they could glow in the dark! He looks a lot like Keith Flint, lead singer of the Prodigy.
Next up is the first of the two females of the group - Slash. This stern-looking but shapely young lady is armed with a Heckler and Koch 9mm MP5 sub-machine gun, which is fitted with a shoulder strap. A useful tip for painting fishnet tights is not to paint them but draw them on with a technical drawing pen. I used a Rotring Isograph with a 0.18 nib. The ink dried slightly glossy so when dry I gave her legs a coat of matt varnish. My painting skills are good but there is no way I could have painted the lines of her tights that thin and that consistently.
Finally, is Kat Tyler, who looks to be the youngest of the group. She is also armed with an H&K MP5 SMG, but it appears to be a different variant to that used by Slash. I know that there are a lot of variants of this popular firearm, so that comes as no surprise. Her fishnet tights were done in the same manner as Slash's. I'm not sure if she's wearing that eyepatch as a fashion accessory or if because she has lost her right eye.
These make a nice bunch of well armed punks, who would not be out of place in a game like All Things Zombie. They could possibly work as Survivors but I'm sure most of you would agree that these are Gangers and should be treated as such. This set of five figures costs £10.00 from the Foundry website.